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Insoles for Sports Shoes and Business Shoes

 Digital Foot Print

For the manufacturing of the foot bed we need a foot imprint. In Germany, this is made digitally.
There are different possibilities to produce such a foot imprint.

All our insoles are made of GFK (glass fibre) in our own workshop.

The advantage of GFK is a light, thin and flexible insole which has enough supporting function for the foot and is not inconvenient.

Business Shoes Insoles

The insole for business shoes is thin enough not to have lack of space in the shoe. It is also suitable for ladies´ shoes (pumps).

Sports Shoe Insoles

The sports insoles do not impair flexibility of your sports shoe, but correct your foot and your leg in the intended way.

The elastic GFK-core softly supports the foot and allows enough free space for the muscles, so that the foot and leg muscles have to work despite the correction. There is no negative effect as it is known with hard insoles.

A correct choice of sports shoes is important, despite the sports insole. In order to manufacture the sports insole in accordance with the movement, and in order to find out the correct sports shoes, we offer our movement analyses by computer. (Pedography)

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