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Diabetics Shoes and Insoles

Shoes for diabetics

Shoes for diabetics are known for their strong unroll sole, the shoe sole stiffening and the seamless inner lining.

Shoe sole stiffening and unroll sole reduce pressure on the foot sole. Furthermore, the unroll sole has an effect on the calf muscles which increases blood circulation in the legs.

The seamless inner lining prevents pressure points on the feet which can not be noticed by many diabetics due to disturbed sensibility, (Polyneuropathy).

For early recognition of pressure points (ulcers) we recommend the movement analyses, (Pedography).

Diabetics adapted insoles

The diabetics adapted insoles are made of various cushion materials.

Points especially endangered are especially reliefed. This is effected by recessing and padding of the endangered points by means of diabetics cushions.

These materials have been tested especially for diabetics patients. The materials used are those with a slow back formation, as well as those with a long and high back formation. Due to this, the foot is embedded in the adapted insole.

For hygienic reasons, the surface of the adapted insole can be washed and disinfected. It should be replaced regularly.


Shoes, insoles and feet should be controlled daily. This is the only way to avoid foot injuries in time.
Daily feet control can be carried out by the patient or family members.
Furthermore, feet, shoes and insoles must be controlled regularly by the physician and/or the orthopaedic shoemaker.

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