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Pedography (Movement Analysis by Computer)


For a movement analysis you walk barefoot over a recessed printing plate which measures the pressure data of the foot in Newton per square cm each hundredth second, as well as the body gravity course of the foot in the load curve.

The measure plate even allows measurements with exact values in the sprint range. From this, exact conclusions can be drawn with regard to the whole movement picture and the statics of the foot.

Based on this we are able to manufacture insoles according to the movement and to help you choose the correct sports shoes. Many muscular problems like irritation of the periosteum, problems with the Achilles tendon or syndrome of the patella can thus be treated successfully.


Extreme pressures in the sole area of diabetics can be detected and relieved at an early stage.

Wrong pressure of the foot when unrolling during walking is easily visible. Diabetics, for example, do very often not have a visible toe pressure, which leads unavoidably to an overstrained ball of the foot

This and other excessive strain can be detected at an early stage and be relieved by proper orthopaedic measures. Diabetics should (according to Prof. Mehnert) undergo such an analysis every 6 months.

It must be in the interest of the patient to have controlled such feet with regard to the treatment of diabetic ulcers which often lead to amputation or partial resection.

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